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We’re Nature’s Bakery.

We believe everyone deserves better-for-you food that tastes great and makes you feel good. Our family-owned bakery soft bakes the goodness of real, wholesome ingredients like sun-ripened fruit and hearty whole grains in a convenient, on-the-go snack that helps you and your family not just survive life’s everyday balancing act, but thrive in the hustle.

A Bakery Is Born

Founded in 2011 by father and son bakers, Dave & Sam, we believe simple, wholesome snacks are the best fuel for active, joyful lives. Our snacks are equal parts nutritious and delicious. From hearty whole grains to sun-ripened fruit, what we bake in is just as important as what we leave out. Dave learned early on that quality ingredients matter. A product of the 1960s natural food movement, Dave’s personal philosophy on life is what drives Nature’s Bakery today: ”Keep things simple, have fun, and balance life with nature, activity, healthy choices & community.” Soon after teaming up with his son, their small endeavor grew to become the Nature’s Bakery of today, baking up delicious, on-the-go soft-baked snacks to nourish families across the country.

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Everything's better when you
bake it with a smile

At Nature's Bakery, we promise to always use delicious, real ingredients in every single great tasting, nutritious snack we make. We bake 'em with a smile, and pass that smile along to you and your family, wherever your snacking adventures may take you.

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We're Stronger Together

From the very beginning, our brand purpose at Nature’s Bakery has been to nourish families and enable them to thrive. While we do this primarily by making wholesome better for you snacks, we know that thriving extends beyond nutrition. It is an important extension of our mission to uplift and celebrate children, and as a gesture of support and solidarity, Nature’s Bakery is a proud partner of The Conscious Kid. Their facilitation of greater representation and education of all children benefits our society at its core and we are proud to contribute to their important cause.

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Keep it simple, have fun and achieve balance in life through nature, activity, nutrition and community.

Our Founding Philosophy

Nutritious & Delicious Snacks for All

Our father and son founders set out to bake a snack that's good and good for you. They baked and baked, until they baked up our soft-baked, satisfying snacks. A truly wholesome win-win. The perfect balance of nutritious & delicious.

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Get Running on What's Real

Made with you and your family in mind, Nature's Bakery fig bars are soft-baked with NO cholesterol, GMOs or high fructose corn syrup. Satisfy real hunger with real, delicious Fig Fuel.

Thoughtful Ingredients.

We always bake with the win-winning combo of nutritious & delicious in mind. We don’t believe in snackrifices, no matter the diet.

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Born to bake? Let’s chat.

Collaboration, creativity and entrepreneurial spirits are at our team’s core. Sound like you?

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